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Undergraduate Minor in Global Development

Undergraduate Minor in Global Development

The Georgia Tech minor in Global Development prepares students to be catalysts for improving the lives of the world’s vulnerable communities in a sustainable manner. It combines engineering, technology, and design with the social sciences and humanities to solve practical problems in the developing world.

Students learn and apply analytical skills and practical problem-solving techniques, gain technical competence, become conscious of variations in local cultures and social conditions, and master the ability to collaborate across disciplines to solve problems in Global Development. Students also learn to define problems, facilitate and contribute to their solutions, and, in the process, become more objective, nonlinear thinkers with the capacity to synthesize data and seek and value perspectives other than their own.

The minor will cover topics and foster skills that are essential for all scientists, engineers, businesspersons, and policymakers who get involved with projects in impoverished countries. A civil engineer sent by Bechtel to work on a bridge in Vietnam; an environmental impact analyst sent to study a dam in Brazil; a Goldman Sachs analyst who seeks to grasp the investment opportunities for telecommunications in Zaire – all of these workers need to understand how politics, economics, culture, and engineering interact to affect the outcome of different types of S&T projects in the developing world.

The Global Development minor teaches the concepts, theories, applications, and tools necessary for graduates to enter into such projects and work constructively with others in the Global Development community. 

The Georgia Tech minor in Global Development requires 15 credit hours:

Students must earn at least a “C” in each course. Courses which overlap between a student’s major and minor can count towards either the major or the minor, but not both. 

Prefix Number Title
CEE 4803 Special Topics: Environmental Technology in the Developing World
CP 4020 Introduction to Urban and Regional Planning
CP 4190 Introduction to Climate Change Planning
CP 4210 Environmental Planning and Impact Assessment
CP 4310 Urban Transportation
CS 4911 Computing for Good
ECON 2101 The Global Economy
ECON 3300 International Energy Markets
ECON 4311 Global Enterprise
ECON 4350 International Economics
ECON 4351 International Financial Economics
ECON 4355 Global Financial Economics
ECON 4411 Economic Development
ECON 4415 Conflict and Security in Developing Countries
HTS 3055 Globalization Modern Era
HTS 3064 Sociology of Development
INTA 3773 Global Issues and Leadership
INTA 3031 Human Rights
INTA 3240 Government and Politics – Africa
INTA 3241 Latin American Politics
INTA 3301 International Political Economy
INTA 3303 Political Economy Development
INTA 4803 Computers, Communication, and International Development
INTA 4803 Evaluating International Development Projects
INTA 4803 Modernization and Development
ME 2803 Engineering and Global Development
MGT 4194 Social Entrepreneurship
PUBP 4260 Economic Development Policy and Planning
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The Global Development Capstone offers Georgia Tech students an opportunity to engage in a community project centered around the United Nations' Sustainable Development Goals over the course of a semester.

Students gain practical experience and develop their professional networks by working closely with a partner organization based in Atlanta or beyond. Throughout the course, students also discuss and are informed by key concepts from historic and contemporary discussions on development.

The class is open to students from all departments at Georgia Tech and is designed to be interdisciplinary. Student projects in the past have included, but are not limited to, topics of affordable and clean energy, clean water and sanitation, health and wellbeing, gender equality, education, climate action, forests and food production, peace and justice, sustainable cities and transportation, and wildlife and animal welfare.

Students present their final projects at the annual Ideas to Serve competition and showcase at the Scheller College of Business, where faculty and community leaders across Georgia Tech and the Atlanta area are invited to engage and offer feedback.

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